Flavour vs. Heat.

Why can’t hot taste great too?

It can.

Here at the Pepper Mustache our objective is to find the perfect balance between great tasting flavours with just the right amount of heat. That’s the purpose behind everything we do from our spiced up Maple Syrup to our hot sauces – balance.

Spicy Maple Syrup

The SugarMaker's Reserve Collection is from our Spicy Maple products line. These products are made using our own Reserve Maple Syrup that we make specically for our own consumption each year at our family's sugar bush, with an added kick. Sweet heat, yum!

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Hot Sauces

For those who like a little heat, for those who like it a lot - to those who like it even hotter, we have a hot sauce for you. BUT you have to endure some amazing flavours first before the heat kicks in. Each hot sauce is a perfect balance of mouth watering flavour with just the right amount of heat.

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Passionately crafted in small batches.