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The Pepper Mustache

Reap No More

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It has all the typical characteristics of a hot sauce from The Pepper Mustache – flavour first, then heat. The blend of the richness of the roasted ingredients with the sweetness of honey and Maple Syrup makes this sauce so flavourful with just the right amount of heat. It pairs well with, well....everything! Use it as a condiment: on a burger, dip a grilled cheese in it. When we make pizza, this is our sauce. Use it in cauliflower soup and web it out, make zucchini ribbons wrapped around meatballs.

Ingredients: Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers, Vinegar, Sugars (Molasses, Honey, Maple syrup), Onions, Carrots, Apple Juice, Carolina Reaper Pepper, Garlic, Salt, Spices. 

 4 Mustaches

Heat: Mild 

Size: 200 ml